You and Me, Mum


Devised by Women’s Aid Northern Ireland

You and Me, Mum is a 10 week programme for mothers, it will help you understand how domestic violence affects you as a parent and how it affects your children

It will empower, support and develop further understanding of your role as a mother in addressing the needs of your children and young people.

Everyone who attends receives a ‘You and me, Mum’ Handbook. The course focuses on self empowerment and mutual aid; it doesn’t work directly with children. It recognises the central role of mothers in the protection and positive development of their children and young people.

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1. To understand how domestic violence effects you as a parent
2. To understand the effects of domestic violence on children and young people
3. To develop effective communication skills with children and young people
4. To promote healthy and non-violent relationships
5. To explore key protective behaviour messages and strategies for keeping mothers, children and young people safe.


Week 1: An ideal family
Week 2: How domestic violence influence me as a mother (part 1)
Week 3: How domestic violence influences me as a mother(part 2)
Week 4: How domestic violence can influence my child or young person
Week 5: Survival strategies of children and young people
Week 6: How to deal with my child or young person’s challenging behaviour
Week 7: When a child or young person acts abusively in your home
Week 8: How to support my child with protective behaviours
Week 9: Effective communication with your child or young person
Week 10: My hopes, my dreams, my plans